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Having a group of students and trying to demonstrate an issue on a vehicle does present some real problems. Most are unable to see what’s being demonstrated, and we know everyone retains more knowledge by doing hands-on. Students want to go to the shop because hands-on is so much more ‘fun’ than sitting in the classroom. ATech has a huge selection of cut-a-ways, running fault-able engines, electrical hardware and software trainers that will help solve those problem, while instilling the basics—something I strongly support. We all gain more knowledge as time goes on; but, without the basics, we have nothing to support our understanding or to fall back on when we experience an issue.

Students can use the trainer(s) to become familiar with component areas of a vehicle and at the same time improve their diagnostic skills prior to performing NATEF tasks in the shop. As the teacher, you will be able to insert faults into ATech trainers keeping students interested, engaged and learning. Set up a network to your trainers and your computer. Then, enter students. You’ll be able to watch progress; make fault adjustments; see strengths and weaknesses; and, most importantly, tell where each student is experiencing weakness.

Take a look at the ATech 1800 series, 3600 series, and two software programs–AT2815 and AT2816. If you have ever taught your students about voltage drops and electrical diagnostics, then all of these ATech trainers will insure that each student will be successful at electrical diagnostics when employed. We need our kids proficient or they will fail in today’s automotive industry.

If you do not already have an ATech support contact, I would like to help.

Having a trainer and not making full use of it is not getting your monies’ worth. I can help with installation and training. Also, if you have some old trainers that might need repair, or even better, if you’re willing to donate them, I will make sure they are placed at schools that have little to no funding.

CONTACT ME with any questions you may have, or if I can assist you with any purchasing or training needs.



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