Air Brake Interactive

Air Brake Interactive

AIR BRAKE Interactive – Air Brake Training at its Best!

As program head and instructor for my community college diesel program, I had all the air brake equipped trucks, tractors and trailers, as well as an air brake board, I needed to demonstrate air brake system repair and adjustment procedures. However, there was one seeming insurmountable problem – students could not actually see how air was routed through the various air circuits, how pressure increased and decreased or how the various control valves actually functioned, internally. I searched for a solution, speaking with other instructors and even consulting with air brake component manufacturers and truck dealerships and repair shops. The typical response was “How do you show something that’s invisible?”

No one could tell me how air flow and pressure in an air brake system could be demonstrated, much less visually illustrated. That is until I was introduced to Bryan Duross. Bryan is a technical curriculum and education program designer with over 35 years experience in the development of technical training programs and teaching resources for a wide variety of industries. He is also a qualified motive power technician, graphic illustrator and multimedia developer.

Bryan first became involved in commercial vehicle air brakes in 1993 when he and his company developed the first successful air brake Z-Endorsement program for drivers in the province of Ontario. In 2004, recognizing an increasing need for better air brake education for both drivers and service technicians, Bryan and his partner associates revisited the subject of air brakes and embarked upon the development of a series of comprehensive air brake education programs and supporting teaching resources. The result is their AIR BRAKE Interactive, E-Board and QUICK STUDY series of air brake teaching resources.

Employing detailed visuals and state-of-the-art, voice narrated multimedia air brake system and component animations, these programs allow drivers and service technicians alike to see, hear and understand how air brake systems function, how to quickly and effectively conduct air system inspections, perform functional tests and diagnostics and conduct effective daily routine maintenance.

The key to the exceptional effectiveness of these programs is visual learning.

Simply watch, listen and learn! Highly detailed mechanical animations and technical visuals make the normally invisible operation of air brake systems components and circuits visible and easily understood. The result is faster learning with vastly improved student comprehension and retention

I personally employed these programs in my community college diesel program and can tell you that they are among the most comprehensive and effective teaching resources I’ve ever used. If you’re interested in taking a look at the best air brake training lessons available, CONTACT ME.

Harlan Wrenn

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