ELECTUDE ELearning Automotive Software

I struggled as program head and instructor trying to find something that I could use that would keep my students engaged and learning without them becoming so bored. I strongly believe in the basics needing to be taught so that all future training will be understood. While attending a conference In 2008, I saw this amazing program that just blew me away. I find most books have too much fluff in the writing. Where five pages will describe and provide training, most books have 30 pages. I like 2D and 3D images so I purchased videos, but when I paused a video to demonstrate the moving components of a running engine or transmission, the video paused with no action–similar to a page in a book. Electude gave me continual moving animations, animations requiring student involvement, really a hands-on classroom tool. Being human, I understand that we have to make our brains work and the more we work the brain, the more knowledge we retain and the smarter we get.

Electude is e-learning, web-based training at its best.

Almost every computer screen requires interaction by the student. Read a snippet of information, analyze, point out and identify, compare and then answer, or do as instructed. Best automotive and diesel training animations in the world. I believe electrical is the most important area that we can teach and be assured that our graduating students will always be able to find rewarding employment.

Electude covers all eight NATEF areas and has task sheets and task grader, supplement tasks, shop and personal safety.

Electude’s Engine Management Simulator is just like having a real vehicle for testing on a computer screen, but much safer and less expensive. Burn up a customer’s ECM computer on a simulator and it costs nothing. Neither do fuses for the multi-meter. Imagine teaching a class on voltage drops, and in two minutes, write a work order, select the fault and give a lesson to the students where they use a realistic multi-meter, scope, or pressure gauge to test for a bad engine electrical component. Find and then replace the component, finishing with a customer invoice, and allowing the teacher to see each step taken by the student.

Pricing is per students with teachers, administrator and training at no charge. High school pricing is less than $40.00 per student per year. Over 1000 lessons and quizzes, NATEF task sheets and task grader, over 35 languages included. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) allows creating electronic tests, importing third-party lessons/videos or making use of any of the thousands of Electude’s animations or your own pictures/videos to create what you’re always dreamed would make training and life easier for you.

I’ve been working full-time with Electude since the middle of 2010 and continue to be amazed at the quality of training it provides. If you’re interested in a lengthy trial without pressure to purchase, please CONTACT ME by phone or email. I feel I do a right good (southern Virginia expression!) job of training!



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