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Have you ever heard, “He has forgotten more than I’ll ever learn”? Vince Fischelli is that unique person. His electrical materials include written documents and hands-on trainers. The entire focus of his training is to show technicians how to troubleshoot electrical problems correctly and with confidence. Any teacher will enjoy using his lessons.

I often ask teachers, “If you read 30 pages in a chapter on Ohm’s Law and had to edit it to present the important things to your class, how many pages would you have?” Most often, the answer is three to five. Vince’s training materials are condensed to present essential information in plain, straightforward language and graphics. This makes the learning process so much simpler, saving time and effort, whether you are teaching and/or learning on your own.

My two favorites are the 60-lesson online training and First Things First. You’ll find no fluffy, unexciting waste of words in these lessons.

I have known Vince for a very long time and am extremely excited that he will let me represent his products. He does give me a commission, so I would like to help with any purchase that interests you! My wife and grandchildren appreciate it!

Thanks for your interest in offering better training for your techs! If you’re interested in more information on what Vejeer has to offer, see below or feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions you may have.



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